January 31st, 2012

David Underhill

David Underhill

Here is my resume.


I'm currently working at Pocket Gems and having a blast. If you're a talented engineer, check out our jobs page - we have no shortage of interesting and challenging projects to hack on.

Open-Source Projects

Status Name Description Language
Active ENVI: Extensible Network VIsualization and Control Framework This framework provides a platform on which networking researchers can demonstrate a variety of work with only a modest time investment. It makes customization natural and easy, and values convention over configuration. ENVI was built with special consideration for visualizing an OpenFlow network. Java
VNS: Virtual Network System Simulates network topologies for classroom projects or research. Managed via a Django-driven web UI. Python
gae-sessions Fast, lightweight Sessions middleware for Google App Engine (memcache + datastore) Python
JCustomUploader A simple, cross-platform Java-based file uploader. Compatible with Java 1.4+. Plug-in your own upload logic - not limited to HTTP. Java
Length-Type-Based Protocol Client/Server Twisted-based client and server for protocols which begin with a length and type field. Python
Past See the projects page


CraigNotes - track, rate, and take notes on your favorite Craigslist ads (blog post about it)

Race Photo Hub - Share and find photos take at running, biking, and other kinds of racing.

A Few Photographs I've Taken

Running Log Spreadsheet Template -- a spreadsheet to track your running (or biking, ...) progress

Old Class Notes