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CraigNotes: An enhanced Craigslist interface – rate ads, take notes, and more

September 11th, 2010

CraigNotes is a free service which helps you track your favorite ads on Craigslist.

Motivation. I love Craigslist – I’ve used it to find great housing options when moving to a new area, as well as deals for various appliances and furniture. Unfortunately, I always find myself awkwardly scratching notes in a spreadsheet as I try to track the most promising ads. This cumbersome process inspired CraigNotes.

Features. CraigNotes is a simple website which presents Craigslist ads inside an enhanced interface. CraigNotes lets you rate ads, take notes, and hide irrelevant spam. It automatically fetches the latest ads which match your search, and lets you continue to view old ads – even after they disappear from Craigslist (which only keeps them around for a week).

This simple functionality makes it a lot easier to keep your favorites at your fingertips, along with any additional notes you want to remember (I jot down details I receive from the ad’s poster when I contact them, as well as my opinion about the ad).

Give CraigNotes a try and let me know what you think!

CraigNotes Screenshot:
CraigNotes screenshot

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