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My first WordPress plugin: AJAX Login Widget++

February 22nd, 2009

Today I decided that did not really like the how WordPress handled user logins. Whenever you want to login, it whisks you away from what you were reading and onto a very empty login page. Once you have logged in, in tends to whisk you off somewhere new. Worse, when you logout it again takes you away from the page you were on to show you a blank login page. Thus I headed back to the WordPress plugins directory in search of something better.

What I found was a nifty plugin named AJAX Login which (surprise) used AJAX to handle almost all login processing within the page the user was on. Unfortunately, it had not been updated in over a year and was no longer compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Thus I started hacking on it and ended up making a number of improvements to its UI and how it handled AJAX calls. Anyway, I decided to package it up as a new plugin — you can get the plugin and read all the details about what it does here.

Its official location in the WordPress plugins directory is at!

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Something rather new

February 21st, 2009

Finally, a new look for an old website! As you might have noticed, I’ve jumped head first onto the WordPress bandwagon. It is actually a very nice content management system – I’m already a big fan of the plugin infrastructure. Less than a few hours into the plunge I already found myself hacking on the themes code, and later fixed a little bug in a plugin. The biggest disappointment is that the plugins directory does not provide official source repositories for the plugins. Update: I just found out you can find the source code to all hosted plugins at

Anyway, I look forward to using this space to share some of the exciting things I learn. Hopefully others will respond with even better ideas.

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