May 22nd, 2010

The table below provides an overview of a few projects which I have led. More detailed information can be obtained by clicking on a project’s name.

Status Name Description Language
Active ENVI: Extensible Network VIsualization and Control Framework This framework provides a platform on which networking researchers can demonstrate a variety of work with only a modest time investment. It makes customization natural and easy, and values convention over configuration. ENVI was built with special consideration for visualizing an OpenFlow network. Java
VNS: Virtual Network System Simulates network topologies for classroom projects or research. Managed via a Django-driven web UI. Python
gae-sessions Fast, lightweight Sessions middleware for Google App Engine (memcache + datastore) Python
JCustomUploader A simple, cross-platform Java-based file uploader. Compatible with Java 1.4+. Plug-in your own upload logic – not limited to HTTP. Java
Length-Type-Based Protocol Client/Server Twisted-based client and server for protocols which begin with a length and type field. Python
Ajax Login Widget++ Adds an AJAX-based login, registration, and password-recovery widget to your WordPress site. PHP, JavaSript
Past Minimum Spanning Tree Library An optimized library of minimum spanning tree algorithms. Includes various implementations of Kruskal’s and Prim’s algorithms in the C programming language. This implementation outperforms the boost library’s implementation on a variety of graph sizes and types. C, Python
jToolbar A JavaScript toolbar which is intended to provide a simple way to make existing webpages’ toolbars more flexible. It may be integrated into a site by a the site’s owner, or it can be used with a greasemonkey script to extend support to sites of your choice. JavaScript
Network Scorebot A basic network testing framework which monitors the integrity of various network services for the purpose of scoring a network security exercise. I was the lead architect and developer for this for the NSA-sponsored 2007 Cyber-Defense Exercise (CDX). Java
Master Grade Organizer My first “serious” program which began circa late junior high. It was intended to help teachers organize their gradebooks electronically. Visual Basic